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I am a doctor but not the medical kind of doctor, so information and content presented on Akullu (“we,” “us” or “our”) on https://www.akullu.com (the “Site”) blog is purely to share my personal experience and for educational and entertainment purposes only. As always, check with a medical doctor or specialist before making any fitness or nutrition changes or a trained professional if you are seeking to achieve personal and professional goals.

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The Akullu site is a safe, respectful and space for personal and collective reflection. Some topics, opinions and discussions maybe triggering for some readers and with that said,I try my hardest to be kind, respectful, and understanding.  For this reason, rude, offensive, or harmful comments will not be tolerated. Healthy debate that challenges ideas is always welcomed, but disrespectful language is NOT WELCOMED and will be handled accordingly. 

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The FTC requires bloggers to disclose whenever there is a financial interest or bias related to a recommendation or when a blogger’s opinion may be financially motivated in any way. I will always be transparent with my readers and audience on any potential monetization on the site.

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The FTC also requires disclosure about any affiliate links. If ever I use affiliate links the it will be noted at the bottom of each blog post. If this happens it means that I earn a small commission from the company, if you decide to buy the product using the link.