Loy L. Azalia, PhD

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What I Always Remind myself

Slow Down. No need to rush. Know the difference between urgency and pace. There is more than enough room for you.

Dr. Loy L. Azalia is a gender, Culture and education Scholar-Practitioner, specializing in education policy, Women and girls empowerment, Critical Men and Masculinities studies, in post-conflict and under-resourced economically distressed  communities, within Africa and the Black Diaspora. She has worked with and taught black, minority, and immigrant youth for close to a decade, which also remains a cornerstone of her research interests. She is the co-editor of Pan-African Spaces: Essays in Black Transnationalism, which explores black identity from a global perspective.

Her work extends across various spaces, focusing on engaging groups on topics of the intersectionality of Gender, Race, class, religion, migration, immigration, urban/rural development, youth issues, gender inequality and Critical cultural analysis and cultural production of global black popular culture, in hopes of achieving transformative human development. She enjoys black creative and artistic expressions that challenge convention and Re-imagine history, but also depict the complexity, simplicity and beauty of everyday life happenings and everything else that falls in between.