Ah- Koo-Loo


Stream of Water/Born by the Stream

A Luo name for girl-children from the Lango people of Northern Uganda.




Life is so much less black and white than what we could’ve ever imagined. I often live within the grey, but mostly I try to live within the mustard yellow of life’s offerings. Akullu is not only the name of my grandmother and my namesake, it is an expression of the many thoughts that run through my mind and the mind’s of some of my friends.  Akullu is an attempt to make sense of the array of experiences that have stretched and allowed so many of us to dream and live amongst the stars, while also finding meaning in the fog. is a creative outlet to share experiences, ideas, insight, and resources that better equip black women and anyone who resonates with the content with the tools necessary to achieve true wellness as well as their personal and professional goals. Akullu’s goal is to also inspire and cultivate critical thought and dialogue around topics of gender, culture, wellness and lifestyle that directly impact African and Black womanhood and personhood.